Equine Science classes


The un-mounted courses offer a great introduction to horses and their behavior while getting comfortable and competent before getting in the saddle. All classes discuss learning theory and how horses learn- good to know before you mount up! Working with horses on the ground and in the saddle helps to develop character, patience and perseverance and build confidence and self-esteem.

These classes will teach you:

  • How horses communicate
  • How horses learn
  • Optimal living conditions and diet
  • Behavior; prey vs. predator
  • How to halter, knot tie, lead, and maneuver for safety
  • How to groom, saddle, and maneuver through obstacles

and so much more!

Intro to Horsemanship

An un-mounted 6 week course that meets one hour per week. The course covers a variety of topics including: behavior, conformation, welfare, grooming, management, breeds, tack, and riding disciplines. The classes have a fluid structure, involve critical thinking, question and answer, and hands-on experience.


Horsemanship and Handling Skills

An un-mounted 4 week course that meets one hour per week. The course covers the same topics as the Intro course but goes a bit deeper. Also includes hands-on handling skills such as tying, grooming, saddling, leading, and lunging. Students learn about body language and position and how those relate to effective communication and safety. Classes may also cover riding cues and aids to prepare for lessons.                                   If you have little or no horse experience, it is required to take the Intro class first.