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                               Behavior Solutions


   Why would you use pain and fear to teach a horse??? Unfortunately these two unnecessary elements are found in most all training "methods". You would never teach your child using pain and fear, so why do horse people check their good sense and empathy at the barn door? This is a conundrum and serious welfare issue for animal behaviorists to solve. If you have a behavior problem you would probably seek the help of a licensed therapist and not a personal fitness trainer, soooo if your horse is struggling, why wouldn't you seek the evidence-based protocols of a behaviorist over a trainer who typically uses anecdotal, unsound, fear-based methods? 

   As a Clinical Animal Behaviorist and practitioner member of the International Society of Equitation Science and a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, I am not selling any “methods” or gimmicks to fix your horse, nor did I invent what I teach. I follow sound, evidence-based, peer-reviewed protocols to achieve desired behaviors. Horse trainers use mostly negative reinforcement (removal of cue) in horse training, but I like to introduce positive reinforcement (addition of reward) because it can speed learning in certain horses and the whole interaction can be more fun. The vast majority of training “methods”, including natural horsemanship, are fear-based which is never a good option because it erodes the horse-human relationship. Please call for a consult because each horse (and owner) is an individual who will need a personalized plan. Sample problem behaviors include:

    * Fear of umbrellas, strollers, balloons, etc...

    * Biting, kicking, rearing, bucking

    * Not picking up hooves to be cleaned or trimmed

    * Refusing to load

    * Not moving off leg under saddle, not stopping to bit pressure

    * Rushing jumps, shying

    * Aversion to hose or fly spray

    * Aversion to needles, nasal vaccines

All these and more can be greatly reduced or resolved with the proper understanding of how horses learn. Once you understand how horses learn , YOU can create any behavior you desire!




I work with clients who ride simply for enjoyment as well as those who want to compete. Any and all levels and disciplines are welcome! I currently teach in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.

Lessons focus on attaining a balanced, independent seat, learning to cue with consistency and proper timing, understanding how the horse learns, and ultimately integrating all skills so that riding becomes second nature. To achieve this I use a variety of methods such as imagery, reading/study assignments, mounted and off-mounted bodywork, breathing techniques, patterns, and trail obstacles/courses.

Off-mounted lessons are offered, as well, and cover equine behavior, psychology, conformation, grooming, tack, riding disciplines, barn safety, horse handling skills, and much more.

* Many lesson options are available to suit all needs. Lesson time, length, and cost are customizable. Please contact me to get started.


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