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AnimalFamiliar (AF) was created as a capstone project for Stanford's CCARE Applied Compassion Academy, which Jennifer started in January of 2021 and will complete in November 2021. The plan is to find a fiscal sponsor and then eventually become a 501c3.

The idea behind AF is to provide free animal welfare education to youth at a determined location with the potential for outreach into schools. Animal welfare is directly related to public health, environmental health, and of course the mental and physical health of animals. AF will teach animal welfare history, 5 Freedoms, 5 Domains, human-animal bond, animal emotions, animal behavior, learning theory, and advocacy on a local (or larger) level. The focus sectors will be companion and farm animals with the potential to cover research, clothing, zoo, and wild animals. There will be a year-long (Sept-June) local, community-focused advocacy project chosen by the members.

The pilot program will run 2 weekends in July and the full program will ideally meet once per month September 2021- June 2022.

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