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Equine Science/Animal Welfare Classes

and Homeschool Courses


*If these classes don't meet your needs or availability, please contact me to customize a course just for the needs of you or your group.


The off-mounted (non-riding) courses offer a great introduction to horses and their behavior. These classes are not about how to ride, but about the science of horses. All subject matter covered is evidenced-based and peer-reviewed. Animal welfare and stewardship issues will be discussed and debated which requires deep, critical thinking about the choices we make with animals and what we ask of them. If age and interest are appropriate, we will cover scientific investigation and hypothesis testing. I do my best to create an environment of observation, inquiry, and discussion to facilitate deep learning. Learning from one another and collaborating on projects such as creating scientific posters and designing training protocols, deepens and broadens the experience. Additional topics might include the horse in art, culture, history, and myth, depending on interest.


As a facilitator of a social-emotional program in schools, I include empathy work in my teaching. Working with horses on the ground and in the saddle helps to develop character, patience, and perseverance and helps to build confidence and self-esteem.


A sampling of topics covered:

  • Equine communication

  • Equine learning/learning theory

  • Optimal welfare

  • Ethology and behavior problems

  • Nutrition and digestive system

  • Grooming and tacking

  • Breeds, colors, conformation

  • Common illnesses and diseases







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